Dr. Takalkar conducts free endoscopy for deserving patients.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Unmesh Takalkar has been engaged in performing complex endoscopy procedures for patients coming from outside of Aurangabad or from Aurangabad, patients who cannot afford the endoscopy procedures but are still in need of treat at no charge.

This is one of the many ways, that Dr. Takalkar has contributed back to the community and staying true to the motto of “Service to Humanity, Service to God”.

Patients who cannot afford complex facilities, patients who cannot travel to bigger cities like Hyderabad or Pune, now come to Dr. Takalkar and get their endocopy done for absolutely no charge.

Over the years, many patients have blessed Dr. Takalkar and his endeavors and have been grateful for the selfless service that they are providing.