First heart transplant of Marathwada led by Dr. Takalkar and Dr. Deodhar

In the first ever feat in Marathwada, a team of doctors at the United CIIGMA hospital today successfully performed a heart transplant on a 44 year old farmer, replacing his with one from a brain dead donor. United CIIGMA Hospital is the first and only in Marathwada and first Hospital Ex-Mumbai in Maharashtra to carry out the Heart Transplant.

After receiving the permission from relatives, the ZTCC committee was informed. All necessary tests were performed and a decision to transplant the heart, liver and kidneys was taken. The heart was transplanted into the body of a 44 year old farmer from khanapur, who had undergone angioplasty in 2012. He continued to have heart failure symptoms. The doctors had informed him that his heart was weak and there is no option but to undergo a transplant surgery. His family was waiting for the past three months for the surgery . His blood group matched with the donors blood group and Heart transplant was done . He relived after surgery and doing fine now. He went home happily on 12th April 2017. Liver was sent to Sahyadri Hospital of Pune, Kidney to Kamaklnayan Bajaj Hospital in the city and kidneys to Manik Hospital.

Managing director of CIIGMA Group of Hospitals and Cancer and Endoscopic Surgeon Dr.Unmesh Takalkar, DrAjay Rotte , Dr Anand Deodhar, Dr Shirish Desmukh, Dr Ashish Desphande, Dr Ghumare, Dr Asegaonkar, Dr.Apsingekar, Dr.Khade, Dr. Borde, Dr.Maneesha Takalkar, Dr.Chinchole, Dr Barnela, Dr.Mahajan., Dr.Shetkar performed the challenging surgery. This was TEAM work from Aurangabad doctors ONLY. The importance of this incidence is because the donor and the recipient patient were in the same hospital which saved a lot of time and money.

A farmer got his second Life (GIFT OF LIFE) through heart transplant.