Acral Malignant Melanoma: Report of Two Cases

Malignant melanoma is relatively a rare condition in India with incidence less than 0.5% of all malignancy. Commonly it is misdiagnosed as benign lesion hence associated with poor outcome. We managed two cases of acral malignant melanoma at our center. Case presentation 1: A 77 year old male presented with a nonhealing ulcerative lesion on lateral side of left foot below ankle since last 2 months. Biopsy from the lesion revealed presence of malignant melanoma. Lesion was resected with wide excision and histopathological examination confirmed acral malignant melanoma Stage II. Case 2: A 35 year old lady was referred with painful lesion on left palm since eight months. On examination two nodules with black lacy pattern without evidence of satellites were observed. Both nodules were surgically excised with cm margin. Histopathological examination of specimen confirmed diagnosis of malignant melanoma and also lymph nodes showed features of metastasis. Both patients received systemic chemotherapy and now in complete remission phase. In conclusion, these cases signifies patient and physician factor in early diagnosis of uncommon but serious condition of melanomas. Awareness about skin examination especially on palms and foot should be encouraged.

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