Chapter 2: Chemoprevention in breast cancer

Book: Recent Studies & Advances in Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women worldwide. It represents the significant health problem imposing an enormous socioeconomic burden on healthcare system. Among cancer related deaths, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death. Its global incidence and clinicopathological presentation varies markedly depending on the region and ethnicity, being highest in western developed countries. But because of modernization, dramatically changed lifestyle and altered pattern of reproductive behavior, prevalence of breast cancer is rising in the developing countries also. Nearly 25% of all cancers cases are comprised of breast cancer with an estimated 1.67 million new cases diagnosed in 2012 [1]. More than 500000 deaths are recorded every year due to breast cancer [2]. The reported incidence of breast cancer among women at high risk is 43.4 per 1,000 per years.

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