Clinical Patterns and management of pediatric urolithiasis: A study of 100 cases

A series of 100 cases of pediatric urolithiasis was studied in Government Medical College, Aurangabad from May 1993 to December 1995, according to the clinical patterns of urolithiasis (age, sex, clinical features, site cf stones, stone analysis and recurrence).

Most of the patients were treated surgically. The age distribution ranged from one year to 13 years. The male to female ratio was 7.1:1. Common symptoms were difficulty in micturalion, hematuria and abdominal colic.

Stones were located in bladder in 50 cases in kidneys in 27 patients in ureter in 8 cases and in urethra in 9 cases. There was multiple organ involvement in 5 cases. The most common calculi were composed of calcium oxalate followed by mixed oxalate phosphate. Metabolic calculi were rare.

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