Clinico-pathological Profile of Lung Cancer among Smokers Versus Non-Smokers: Experience at Single Tertiary Care Center from India

Smoking was solely considered as the major commonest risk factor for lung cancer. But now rising prevalence of lung cancer is observed among non-smokers also. 10-25% of the diagnosed cases of lung cancer are never smokers in their life. Clinical picture, risk factors, histological characters and hence prognosis differs strikingly among smokers and never smokers. In the present study, we aimed to compare clinical profile of lung cancer among smokers versus never smokers.

Cases of histopathologically confirmed lung cancer were analyzed for demographic, clinical and pathological characteristics. Out of 110 cases, 64 were smokers and 46 had never exposed to tobaccosmoke in their life. Among non-smokers, majority was of females with adenocarcinoma. Maximum patients were presented in advanced stages III and IV.

Lung cancer among non-smokers is a unique clinical entity with different demographic, clinical and pathological characteristics. Presentation at the advanced stage is a major concern in the management of the disease. Even though, tuberculosisis frequent respiratory disease in India, clinicians should have high level of suspicion for early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

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