Insulin Resistance and Obesity

Obesity is an excessive growth of adipose tissue depot due to chronic consumption of calories that exceed the need of energy by an individual. It’s a predisposing condition for various noncommunicable diseases, like cardiovascular diseases, type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, some malignancies, non-alcoholic fatty liver, chronic kidney diseases and sleep apnea syndrome [1]. Overweight and obesity are important risk factors for development of T2DM and found to be associated with Insulin Resistance (IR) in person with normal blood glucose levels also [2]. IR is a well-known fundamental defect and important culprit in obesity related complications and T2DM among all ethnic population in both genders. Obesity and IR usually precede the onset of T2DM. Sedentary lifestyle, excess intake of calories, lack of exercise, psychological stress, genetic predisposition, longer duration of obesity enhance development of IR. Incidence of IR has been reported 48.7% among overweight and 66.3% among obese patients [3]. IR is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases; therefore it is absolutely essential to control it in order to curtail the risk of CV diseases.

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