Synchronous Adenocarcinoma of Caecum and Sigmoid Colon

Patients with carcinoma of the colon are known to have synchronous multiple malignant lesions with reported incidence 2.3-12.4%. We report a case of synchronous adenocarcinoma of caecum and sigmoid colon managed successfully at our center. 58 year old man underwent colonoscopy and growth observed in sigmoid colon. On explorative laparotomy synchronous coexisting, two tumors were detected in the caecum and sigmoid colon. Tumors were excised by right hemicolectomy and sigmoidectomy. Histopathologically both tumors were moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma with normal mucosa in between them without metastasis. In post operative phase, patient developed pneumonitis, diarrhea and Pancytopenia. These sequels were managed aggressively with mechanical respiratory support, blood transfusion and antibiotics. Then patient received adjuvant chemotherapy. Synchronous multiple primary malignancies are significant clinical entity from diagnostic and management point of view. Careful evaluation for detection of multiple tumors plays a crucial role for a better outcome of the disease.

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